Friday, February 22, 2013

What can professional blogs do for businesses?

Professional blogs have become a great tool for businesses because of being economical, easier to fix, and search engine benefits.  If a business continues to use professional blogs it will continue to help them succeed.
Blogging is very economical because creating a blog is “free of cost, no installation cost is involved and you’re set to blog about any topic” (Alvi, 2010).  Businesses love to hear the word free whenever possible.
Easy to fix
Where websites can be costly and difficult to make corrections, or even add content, blogging is very easy.  No matter if adding or deleting content everything is easy.  No need of html knowledge is required to change the blog.  (Alvi, 2010)
Search engine benefits
One thing every business wants online is a better spot in search engines.  “Blogging is a great way to get higher placement on Google and the other search engines” (OrangeSoda, 2010). The more blog posts there are about a company the higher the businesses are placed in Google. 
Blogging has become a very wonderful tool that businesses have been able to reap the benefits as stated above.  Blogging is not foolproof, but it has become a new way to get a step up in a overcrowded business market. 


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